Rustic Furnishings/Accessories

Northern Michigan is home to many wonderful and talented artisans. Whether you collect quill boxes or just want to introduce native crafts into your space,Primitive Images has a range of beautiful, one-of-a-kind goods. 

Birch, Willow, Hickory . . . Twig and log furniture adds a warm and comforting presence to any room. Whether hand-made or picked with care from specialized artisans around the country, Primitive Images features traditional and innovative styles. 

Hand-loomed rugs and hand-knitted blankets lend beauty and artistry to any space. We feature Kilims from Asia and blankets from the U.S.

Lighting creates special moods. Why not add an antler chandelier or willow bark table lamp to your existing room design?

Come shop for that unique gift or special accent piece . . . there is so much in store for you.

Our handmade jewlery, collected by Ceci in her travels, may feature antique glass beads and/or powerful crystal and stone centerpieces. They feel and look stunning.

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